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*ARTICLE Name* *Decent Party wlWear 2pc* *Fabric* *ARABIAN LINEN* (winter friendly) *kurtie Measurements* Chest 20.5 / 21 Lenght 36/37 *Trousers* (Lenght 38-39) *✂️_________________✂️*

Price: 1200 (323 Views)
Party Wear

Party wear

Lolypop Article 3pc Gown

Price: 1500 (285 Views)
Winter Wear

AlKaram Brand

Alkaram h314 *Most Demanding Design* *Extra Fine Quality Base* Fabric *Linen* 3pc Neck Heavy Emb Plain Trouser *Soft Wool Shawl* Price *Rs.1550*

Price: 1550 (315 Views)
Party Wear

Party wear

2 PC's suit Medium size Frok length 50 Cheast size 20 Trouser length 38 Lilon Fabric Full embroidered Price 1950= fix

Price: 1950 (304 Views)
Winter Wear


Classic shawl available in best quality

Price: 1100 (314 Views)

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Winter Wear

Linnen suit

*ALHAMDULILLAH NISHAT lILEN* 😍😍Now available *3 piece Nishat lilen printed * Printed lilen shirt Printed lilen dupatta Printed lilen trouzer Fabric:High quality lilen

Price: 1800 (369 Views)
Winter Wear

Velvet shawls

*VELVET SHAWLS * *BAREEZE* *• Extraordinary Fully Heavy Embroidered* * FOUR SIDED HEAVY BORDER* *Ready shawl 4 sided Satin pipin* *• 2.50 yards * * BLACK* *PRICE : 4850/-*

Price: 4850 (276 Views)
Winter Wear


*CUBE* EMBROIDERED SEQUENCE SHAWL EMBROIDERED *CUBE* SEQUENCE SHAWL By *KASHAN* We Brought you A Premium Quality Velvet Shawls for Customers who wants perfection. - 2.7 yards length. - four sided handwork with maysoori pipin appliqué ready to wear. - Top of the line Imported velvet pure micro *BLACK FOREVER ONLY* *MEHROON* *NAVY BLUE* new color *Price : 4500/-* NOTE : LIMITED QUANTITY Video available

Price: 4500 (255 Views)
Winter Wear

Kairy Embroided Shawl

*KAIRY EMBROIDERED SHAWL* *EMBROIDERED SHAWL * We Brought you A Premium Quality Velvet Shawls for Customers who wants perfection. *HEAVY EMBROIDERED WORK* - 2.7 yards length. - four sided handwork with satin pipin appliqué ready to wear. - Top of the line Imported velvet pure micro *5000* *BLACK* *MEHROON* *ROYAL BLUE* *NAVY BLUE* *BOTTLE GREEN* *Price : 4500/-* *fixed* NOTE : LIMITED QUANTITY

Price: 4500 (279 Views)
Winter Wear

Velvet shawls

LASER CUTWORK SHAWLS Velvet Fabric Shawl Four side laser cutwork Original 90 inch Shawl *100% Pure Microvelvet * •PLUMP •BLACK •NAVY *Price: 3500/-*

Price: 3500 (338 Views)
Winter Wear

Velvet shawls


Price: 4500 (314 Views)

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TIme to shop for winter

Oct. 26, 2020, 2:12 p.m.

Winter is almost here, it's  time to sip your coffee with your cozy hoody and update your wardrobe , winter collection is out and summer collection of the best brands is on sale,it's the best of both worlds, either you can buy the trendiest jackets and coats for this season or you can buy some fashionable shirts and kurtas now and store them for the next season. Almost all the brands are offering discounts so why should you opt for unbranded ones when you can get your hands on the best clothes and the most durable fabrics. Apart from that, finally the wedding halls have opened again and it's the wedding season. So you can get your hands on luxury pret collection and even couture collection at discounted price from various brands. Organza and silk is the latest Trending in the festive collection. Apart form these Gotta work ,Mukesh, banarsi saris ,gold printed clothes are back again.You can look through your mother's closet and ask her to lend you something so that you can flaunt your beautiful dress at a wedding.
If you're shopping online , remember not to fall for brands that are offering unbelievably low priced stuff or social media pages that are only pretending to be a certain brand but they are not, beware of these hoax brands, always look for a website only then you'll be able to recognize the original from fake.

The top looks this season 

The look of this season in western wear is rust coloured turtle neck with jeans and black peep toe ankle boots.
Trending Eastern wear look is a khaddar or cambric kurta with dark hues, paired up with a palazo, shalwar ,or straight pants with half open chappal or khussa.

So Stay fashionable ,be your gorgeous self and be up to date with the lastest trends , Happy shopping ladies!

Shop the colors that suits your personality

Oct. 26, 2020, 2:10 p.m.

Colors that we wear show our personality
No matter how many colorful clothes you may have in your wardrobe, there always is a color that you would always prefer to wear gives you a warm feeling and a sense of confidence. In the eyes of people around you, this color may characterize your personality.
If you are one of the people who prefer to wear black color then you are no doubt ambitious, purposeful but also sensitive. Being emotional, you get excited easily although you try to hide this feeling. You try to camouflage yourself in the surroundings to divert the attention from yourself to others.
If you like to wear brown color then you are a bit conservative and strive to find peace, strength and stability in everything. You are a rational person and definitely not a risk taker, hence, you are reliable and intelligent.
When blue is your preferred choice in clothing, you are kind hearted, generous, and courteous and a bit shy. You are destined to be a great parent of an exemplary worker in your field. You are pretty calm and poise.
If you are a green wearing person then this shows that you are quiet outgoing and full of life. You are soft hearted and kind. Green also shows that you are financially stable.
Purple wearing people are quiet sensitive and emotional and sometimes pretty difficult to deal with. You are dreamy, unpredictable and quiet passionate. In some cases, it shows that you are an art lover.
Red is the color of power and passion, therefore you can easily impress people around you. However, you are a little self-centered. Nevertheless, you are bright and vibrant.
Yellow is often worn by people who are creative and proactive. You love to travel around the globe. You are always seeking for adventures and things to conquer. 
If you love to wear white then you are self-righteous, optimistic and love freedom. You are also very organized and neat. You believe in perfection. 
Pink is considered to be the ultimate feminine color. You are romantic and passionate. You would do anything if asked nicely but only if it is in your comfort zone.
You are energetic, cheerful and full of life. You love to hangout. You are pretty ambitious, however, sometimes unpredictable in some ways.
If you prefer to wear grey then you are trying to stay away from the light. You don’t want unwanted attention and want to just walk around unnoticed.

3 simple ways to keep up with fashion trends in Pakistan

Oct. 15, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

If you are a public figure, influencer or even a well-respected individual among a small group of friends, relatives or coworkers then keeping up with the fashion is really important. Presentation matters so much. An up-to-dated fashion sense shows a sense of superiority and power over others. You feel more confident and powerful when you are dressed up in trendy fashionable clothes and accessories. It’s the clothes you wear, the jewelry you put on, the combination you put them in, the shoes you wear etc everything contributes to the trend you are following. Following the wrong trend in fashion may make you seem inferior or left out.

Though this secret to success in power and confidence seems really easy, yet it is very hard to sustain it as the trends keep on shifting and switching over time. In order to retain your position you have to keep on following the trend. The question arises “How to keep up with this changing trend. How to know when a new trend kicks in or when does the trend fades away.

Luckily we know there are 3 simple steps to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan.

Watch Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are the first and most illuminating part of keeping up with the trends. Just lookout for the local fashion shows. Watch them or attend them every now and then to keep up the pace of being trendy.

What Celebrities Wear

Most of the trends originate from the celebrities either from a movie, tv show, drama or may originate from an event they attended. Whatever standard they set becomes the next trend. No doubt celebrities have the most influence in our lives.

Magazines and Social Media

The easiest way to stay up-to-dated with the trend is to follow a magazine, social media of celebrities or a blog. It is the shortcut of all the above mentioned information on how to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan. We use social media more than we look at people in a day.

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