3 simple ways to keep up with fashion trends in Pakistan

Oct. 15, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

If you are a public figure, influencer or even a well-respected individual among a small group of friends, relatives or coworkers then keeping up with the fashion is really important. Presentation matters so much. An up-to-dated fashion sense shows a sense of superiority and power over others. You feel more confident and powerful when you are dressed up in trendy fashionable clothes and accessories. It’s the clothes you wear, the jewelry you put on, the combination you put them in, the shoes you wear etc everything contributes to the trend you are following. Following the wrong trend in fashion may make you seem inferior or left out.

Though this secret to success in power and confidence seems really easy, yet it is very hard to sustain it as the trends keep on shifting and switching over time. In order to retain your position you have to keep on following the trend. The question arises “How to keep up with this changing trend. How to know when a new trend kicks in or when does the trend fades away.

Luckily we know there are 3 simple steps to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan.

Watch Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are the first and most illuminating part of keeping up with the trends. Just lookout for the local fashion shows. Watch them or attend them every now and then to keep up the pace of being trendy.

What Celebrities Wear

Most of the trends originate from the celebrities either from a movie, tv show, drama or may originate from an event they attended. Whatever standard they set becomes the next trend. No doubt celebrities have the most influence in our lives.

Magazines and Social Media

The easiest way to stay up-to-dated with the trend is to follow a magazine, social media of celebrities or a blog. It is the shortcut of all the above mentioned information on how to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan. We use social media more than we look at people in a day.

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