How to Sell Clothes Online in Pakistan?

Sept. 21, 2020, 11:46 p.m.

A number of ladies at home don’t have the luxury of doing a job or a business either because of the overload of home chores or the obligations about children that can’t be ignored. Starting a small business seems so difficult that they just let go the idea completely over time.
Some ladies that are consistent in building their own business for themselves along with the opportunity stay depressed and pressured of the thought of being unsuccessful every single day. No doubt, clothing business is the best business that a lady either married or a student can start right from their homes. 
Ladies are undoubtedly the most creative beings on the planet when it comes to innovation and modern designing of clothes. We all understand that there are three steps of doing a business. Creating a product, maintaining a product and it’s marketing. All three of them require a special force of attention but with the pressure of obligations and house duties that society has laid upon the women of Pakistan, all three steps are unachievable equally. A lady can either create a product and maintain as well as update designs based on trends or she can do a good marketing. All are close impossible for a lady simultaneously.
Even if a lady gets all done and starts the marketing by herself, she starts with the social media and starts creating a fan-base which honestly takes years considering the competition in the industry and market, she has to frequently create and update the social media which doesn’t generate sales unless some paid campaigns are launched (which is of course the business model of all social media companies).
What if there was a way to just automate the marketing activities like magic and we can just focus on our product, their photoshoot, their designing and other creative ideas while the marketing and sales are taken care of automatically. Not just that, what if it is FREE? Wouldn’t that be like too good to be true? Well, it is in fact, true! We can actually get free marketing and sales. No more social media late night hassles. No more requesting people to like or share. Everything is done automatically for you.
There is a platform called Furugi Pakistan. It is 100% free. All we need to do is sign up and create our ads for free and we get sales. Furugi is a classified ads platform just like OLX and the only difference is that it is solely focused on clothing. It is absolutely free forever and there is no need to market your products yourself. As soon as you create your first ad, you start receiving queries about your product. Furugi does it’s own marketing and gets you sales.
Furugi is a great way to sell your clothes whether they are new, branded or used. You can just get rid of your old clothes and buy new ones from Furugi. You can sell clothes online in Pakistan for free. You now know how to start a clothing business in Pakistan for free. Please share this article with all the people you know that are struggling on social media.

How to get started with FURUGI?

Furugi is very simple and easy to use. The whole process takes around 2 minutes:

  • Register your account at Furugi. It takes around half minute to register yourself at Furugi.
  • Click on "+Post Ad".
  • Write down the title of your Ad, description, add photos and select relevant options.
  • Once you are done, click "Publish" and your Ad is live.

As soon as your Ad goes live, you will start to receive queries about your Ad and hopefully a good sale. Monitor your stats and orders from your very own personal dashboard