Sweating while you shop counts as exercise

July 7, 2020, 10:29 p.m.

Shopping can be somehow bad for your wallet but good for your health. It gives you experience of pleasure and satisfaction; relief from anxiety; and a way to express self-love by spending money. Shopping is also known as a retail therapy. A therapy for one’s mind.
Likewise, it is a therapy for one’s body as well because sweating while you shop counts as exercise.

An exercise is a physical activity which triggers the body cells, helps boost the mood, and enhances the mental ability. You sweat and burn calories through exercise. According to a research article in The Daily Telegraph, one can burn off 385 calories per week while holding the shopping bags and walking during shopping.

Lisa Johannes, a dietitian, says that she likes shopping from a walking point of view. The movement of the body during shopping is good for health and fitness. She calls shopping a true tension reliever and mood booster.

It is a common saying that work hard to shop hard. Though it is true as in, shop hard to work out hard, too. There are many other benefits of shopping. It lifts up your self-worth and confidence. But shopping as an exercise substitute is surely a gift for you. Let’s discuss one by one.

Reduced Risk of heart diseases

Due to physical movement of body during shopping, women might have bargained the cardiovascular diseases with the shopping activity. Carrying shopping bags from one shop to another may exhaust you but will increase the physical activity of the body as well. The more you sweat while shopping, the more your body cells be active.

Weight Loss and calories burn

Of course after walking several hours from shop to shop, burns your calories and help you to lose weight. Both men and women if love shopping, must have been very smart and fit in their outlook because they burn extra calories during shopping. Sweating while doing shopping will definitely burn some of your extra fat.

Shopping as a Retail Therapy

Shopping acts as a therapy for most of the people. The retail therapy is the sense of happiness one experiences by spending some money on one’s self. This is one of the best health benefits of the shopping, which substitutes the exercise.

Lower stress level

Shopping enhances your social interaction which provides the sense of bonding to the next person. According to a study of American, Psychological Association (APA), the stress hormone named cortisol is less likely to release in the people who stay in best friends’ company rather than being alone. Shopping with any closed one, relative or friend acts as depression releasing activity. So, call out now your best friend for shopping and lower your stress level, making your health better.

Improved mental activity

Finding and searching for the desired products gets your mind awake properly. It enhances your mental activity to make a buying decision between all options available. Thus shopping acts as an exercise for your mind.

Mood enhancer

Feeling bored? Shopping is no doubt a best mood enhancer. It is used as a medicine for depression. If you are running out of money, the window shopping can boost up your mood. Shopping also causes the “feel good” chemical named endorphins to release in the state of pleasure.

Some of the great health benefits of Shopping are shared for you. The more you sweat during the shopping the more you make it a substitute for physical exercise. Thrilled Exercise! Exultant Shopping!


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