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TIme to shop for winter

Oct. 26, 2020, 2:12 p.m.

Winter is almost here, it's  time to sip your coffee with your cozy hoody and update your wardrobe , winter collection is out and summer collection of the best brands is on sale,it's the best of both worlds, either you can buy the trendiest jackets and coats for this season or you can buy some fashionable shirts and kurtas now and store them for the next season. Almost all the brands are offering discounts so why should you opt for unbranded ones when you can get your hands on the best clothes and the most durable fabrics. Apart from that, finally the wedding halls have opened again and it's the wedding season. So you can get your hands on luxury pret collection and even couture collection at discounted price from various brands. Organza and silk is the latest Trending in the festive collection. Apart form these Gotta work ,Mukesh, banarsi saris ,gold printed clothes are back again.You can look through your mother's closet and ask her to lend you something so that you can flaunt your beautiful dress at a wedding.
If you're shopping online , remember not to fall for brands that are offering unbelievably low priced stuff or social media pages that are only pretending to be a certain brand but they are not, beware of these hoax brands, always look for a website only then you'll be able to recognize the original from fake.

The top looks this season 

The look of this season in western wear is rust coloured turtle neck with jeans and black peep toe ankle boots.
Trending Eastern wear look is a khaddar or cambric kurta with dark hues, paired up with a palazo, shalwar ,or straight pants with half open chappal or khussa.

So Stay fashionable ,be your gorgeous self and be up to date with the lastest trends , Happy shopping ladies!

Shop the colors that suits your personality

Oct. 26, 2020, 2:10 p.m.

Colors that we wear show our personality
No matter how many colorful clothes you may have in your wardrobe, there always is a color that you would always prefer to wear gives you a warm feeling and a sense of confidence. In the eyes of people around you, this color may characterize your personality.
If you are one of the people who prefer to wear black color then you are no doubt ambitious, purposeful but also sensitive. Being emotional, you get excited easily although you try to hide this feeling. You try to camouflage yourself in the surroundings to divert the attention from yourself to others.
If you like to wear brown color then you are a bit conservative and strive to find peace, strength and stability in everything. You are a rational person and definitely not a risk taker, hence, you are reliable and intelligent.
When blue is your preferred choice in clothing, you are kind hearted, generous, and courteous and a bit shy. You are destined to be a great parent of an exemplary worker in your field. You are pretty calm and poise.
If you are a green wearing person then this shows that you are quiet outgoing and full of life. You are soft hearted and kind. Green also shows that you are financially stable.
Purple wearing people are quiet sensitive and emotional and sometimes pretty difficult to deal with. You are dreamy, unpredictable and quiet passionate. In some cases, it shows that you are an art lover.
Red is the color of power and passion, therefore you can easily impress people around you. However, you are a little self-centered. Nevertheless, you are bright and vibrant.
Yellow is often worn by people who are creative and proactive. You love to travel around the globe. You are always seeking for adventures and things to conquer. 
If you love to wear white then you are self-righteous, optimistic and love freedom. You are also very organized and neat. You believe in perfection. 
Pink is considered to be the ultimate feminine color. You are romantic and passionate. You would do anything if asked nicely but only if it is in your comfort zone.
You are energetic, cheerful and full of life. You love to hangout. You are pretty ambitious, however, sometimes unpredictable in some ways.
If you prefer to wear grey then you are trying to stay away from the light. You don’t want unwanted attention and want to just walk around unnoticed.

3 simple ways to keep up with fashion trends in Pakistan

Oct. 15, 2020, 10:06 p.m.

If you are a public figure, influencer or even a well-respected individual among a small group of friends, relatives or coworkers then keeping up with the fashion is really important. Presentation matters so much. An up-to-dated fashion sense shows a sense of superiority and power over others. You feel more confident and powerful when you are dressed up in trendy fashionable clothes and accessories. It’s the clothes you wear, the jewelry you put on, the combination you put them in, the shoes you wear etc everything contributes to the trend you are following. Following the wrong trend in fashion may make you seem inferior or left out.

Though this secret to success in power and confidence seems really easy, yet it is very hard to sustain it as the trends keep on shifting and switching over time. In order to retain your position you have to keep on following the trend. The question arises “How to keep up with this changing trend. How to know when a new trend kicks in or when does the trend fades away.

Luckily we know there are 3 simple steps to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan.

Watch Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are the first and most illuminating part of keeping up with the trends. Just lookout for the local fashion shows. Watch them or attend them every now and then to keep up the pace of being trendy.

What Celebrities Wear

Most of the trends originate from the celebrities either from a movie, tv show, drama or may originate from an event they attended. Whatever standard they set becomes the next trend. No doubt celebrities have the most influence in our lives.

Magazines and Social Media

The easiest way to stay up-to-dated with the trend is to follow a magazine, social media of celebrities or a blog. It is the shortcut of all the above mentioned information on how to keep up with the fashion trends in Pakistan. We use social media more than we look at people in a day.

How to Sell Clothes Online in Pakistan?

Sept. 21, 2020, 11:46 p.m.

A number of ladies at home don’t have the luxury of doing a job or a business either because of the overload of home chores or the obligations about children that can’t be ignored. Starting a small business seems so difficult that they just let go the idea completely over time.
Some ladies that are consistent in building their own business for themselves along with the opportunity stay depressed and pressured of the thought of being unsuccessful every single day. No doubt, clothing business is the best business that a lady either married or a student can start right from their homes. 
Ladies are undoubtedly the most creative beings on the planet when it comes to innovation and modern designing of clothes. We all understand that there are three steps of doing a business. Creating a product, maintaining a product and it’s marketing. All three of them require a special force of attention but with the pressure of obligations and house duties that society has laid upon the women of Pakistan, all three steps are unachievable equally. A lady can either create a product and maintain as well as update designs based on trends or she can do a good marketing. All are close impossible for a lady simultaneously.
Even if a lady gets all done and starts the marketing by herself, she starts with the social media and starts creating a fan-base which honestly takes years considering the competition in the industry and market, she has to frequently create and update the social media which doesn’t generate sales unless some paid campaigns are launched (which is of course the business model of all social media companies).
What if there was a way to just automate the marketing activities like magic and we can just focus on our product, their photoshoot, their designing and other creative ideas while the marketing and sales are taken care of automatically. Not just that, what if it is FREE? Wouldn’t that be like too good to be true? Well, it is in fact, true! We can actually get free marketing and sales. No more social media late night hassles. No more requesting people to like or share. Everything is done automatically for you.
There is a platform called Furugi Pakistan. It is 100% free. All we need to do is sign up and create our ads for free and we get sales. Furugi is a classified ads platform just like OLX and the only difference is that it is solely focused on clothing. It is absolutely free forever and there is no need to market your products yourself. As soon as you create your first ad, you start receiving queries about your product. Furugi does it’s own marketing and gets you sales.
Furugi is a great way to sell your clothes whether they are new, branded or used. You can just get rid of your old clothes and buy new ones from Furugi. You can sell clothes online in Pakistan for free. You now know how to start a clothing business in Pakistan for free. Please share this article with all the people you know that are struggling on social media.

Browsing online stores or therapy?

July 23, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of browsing online stores and that should you prefer browsing online stores over any therapy or not?

“Happiness is not in the money, but in shopping” as said by Marilyn Monroe. Well! We will suggest that retail therapy is the best of all therapies. The therapy is a treatment for any problem related to mind or body, so the retail therapy is a treatment which gives you immense pleasure by relieving you from anxiety. This therapy is related to the shopping. Shopping can be done in both ways traditional and online, it is a matter of preference. But according to statistics, people in America prefer online shopping over traditional shopping as it saves their gas and time. Thus online shopping is a source of retail therapy for anyone.

Widening the concept, the person may experience bad mood, feel uneasy and depressed or he may be guilty of previous shopping experience. To overcome the negative emotions, he finds a way out, that is to shop. When the product can come home by just a single click, then all the worrisome of going to the retail store flies away, leaving a relaxed mind. The retail therapy also entails the positivity and the kind of pleasure which a person receives upon spending some money for him. It gives him a sense of satisfaction by buying something which fulfills his needs and wants. Specifically, by saving time and money, browsing online websites will be a source of good therapy for him after a hectic and busy day. Moreover, getting the required product what he is looking for will also be a source of happiness to him. The contentment he receives is the answer to all bad moods.

Online stores are cheap to visit and are open 24/7. Their availability, affordability, and accessibility make it easy for anyone to prefer this activity over any kind of anti-depressant therapy. It is like a present to you from you. No long queues, no full parking boards, and the thought of shopping in pajamas by just sitting on a couch already relaxes you. After a long working week, you may want to have some fun time at weekends by hanging out with family, or throwing a party for your friends.

You do not want to waste time by visiting any grocery store or making a long list of shopping. You can easily manage your online shopping cart with a single click. The option of browsing online what you want for grocery or cosmetics, is like receiving a therapy. No long queues, no full parking boards, and the thought of shopping in pajamas by just sitting on a couch already relaxes you. After a long working week, you may want to have some fun time at weekends by hanging out with family, or throwing a party for your friends. You do not want to waste time by visiting any grocery store or making a long list of shopping.

You can easily manage your online shopping cart with a single click. The option of browsing online what you want for grocery or cosmetics, is like receiving a therapy. Other therapies like relaxing massage, anti-depressant therapy, or a Happy therapy demands your time and money as compared to the retail therapy. It is totally free of cost. You just have to pay for the products you buy and you receive the retail therapy as a bonus. By shopping online, this therapy becomes even more accessible and manageable. You get instant pleasure by instant placement of the order, by comparing the prices, colors, brands, designs in less time. Similarly, free-delivery and easy refund policies of online products makes you more confident about putting an order in the queue. Even change of mind is applicable on some online shopping stores, until the order is delivered. All these perks of online shopping make it preferable over receiving any other kind of therapy in case of sickness. Therefore, why waste time and money on other relaxing therapies, medicines or massage when it can be done online

How to sell clothes online from home in Pakistan?

July 23, 2020, 8:18 p.m.

Selling something itself is a challenge let alone selling online and generating a client base seems like a years of job. But, that is where we are wrong. There are a lot of platforms that can let ladies at home start your own business right from the comfort of our homes.

In our eastern culture, not all of the ladies at home get a chance to do something of their own either because of the house chores or mainly because of not having enough resources or knowledge as to where to begin from.  A lot of ladies dream of making their own way into the society by establishing their own business but there are not many platforms that help them achieve that.

A female mind is more creative and innovative in creating awesome designs of clothing as compared to men and most of the ladies are also privileged with the resources to create the designs at home that they can easily sell online. This is where the question arises, how we can sell clothes online without worrying about the marketing strategies and heavy lifting to sell them while also focusing on the design and creativity.  Building a social media doesn’t really enable us to start selling right away. It also requires a lot of work and money to make it work.

What if there was a way to sell clothes online without worrying about the time or money that has to be spent on the selling techniques? Good news! There is a platform out there that you can use to sell clothes online absolutely free. By free, I mean absolutely free. No strings attached. No commissions. No Fees. All we need to do is sign up for free and start uploading the designs and they will start selling themselves without any hard work.

The platform is called Furugi where you can start selling your clothes online. You can also rent clothes or sell your used clothes online too. This is the best way for the ladies to establish their own business free of cost without any hassle.

Online shopping is an addiction

July 8, 2020, 11:05 p.m.

Do you spend extra time on shopping websites? Do you start craving for the products as you see them online? Do you click on every ad flickering on Facebook? Can’t resist online sales and availing coupons instantly? Then you might be an online shopping addict!

It is startling to know that, the recent studies conducted by a journal named Comprehensive Psychiatry diagnosed shopping addiction as a mental disorder. They called it Buying Shopping Disorder (BSD). BSD is defined as the obsession of buying products even when you don’t need them and you actually waste your time and money on buying. It is time to recognize BSD as a separate mental health condition according to Dr Astride Muller.

The addiction of shopping may be online or offline, but in this blog we will only focus on Online shopping addiction factors, which can be studied under BSD.

Four reasons that determine online

  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Anonymity


The world has become a global village, so, online products and services are accessible to everyone who has the internet. You see the product free of cost; can compare the prices, colors, designs, brands, sizes without paying anything to the website. With the advancement in the tech, almost every shopping website like amazon, eBay and wish have their apps for both iOS and Android. The apps are more user friendly and have quicker options of carting things, maintain wish list and easy payment options. You can fill your cart with hundreds of products at a time with just one click, without any charges. All these factors are involved in making a consumer addict to online shopping.


Online shopping offers the facility of 24/7 service of dealing with the customers, showing products and advertising the deals and coupons. Some of online shopping websites have time-bound sale in late night hours which incites the customer to crave for branded products at cheaper rates. Moreover, the availably of all price ranges, colors, material, designs, brands also make online shopping addictive to the buyer. The growth of e-commerce industry has made it possible to deliver fast; and easy and free-return policies are predictable explanations for online shopping addiction.


The online products are cheaper than the products at retail stores. The reasons for that are:

  • They do not have to pay to the third party or retailer etc.
  • They do not need to hire and pay any salesmen.
  • The products are basically directly delivered from the factory outlet.

Some of the websites do not charge shipping charges (Free delivery) making the product more affordable.
The buyer does not pay any tax unless he is in that region.
Apart from online sales and offs, the online shopping resources like the credit cards, PayPal accounts also offer off upon using them.
Thus the affordability of online products cause the online shopping addiction.


This is the feature of online shopping that make it more addictive to the buyer. The secrecy of sender and receiver is maintained during online shopping. You do not have to face crowds and meet some annoying salesmen. No bargaining issues with anyone and you get the desired product within your selected price range. This saves your time and money and motivates you filling your cart with the extra products that you might not need. Anonymity is the best thing for the introvert buyers. It causes addiction of online shopping who love surprises.

Additionally, excessive purchasing to regulate your negative emotions like anger and depression also causes shopping addiction. This is named as emotional spending or retail therapy. One who is obsessed with buying various products at once because they are just one click away, is also a symptom of online shopping addiction. This Buying-Shopping disorder (BSD) needs to be addressed according to the mental health experts.


Sweating while you shop counts as exercise

July 7, 2020, 10:29 p.m.

Shopping can be somehow bad for your wallet but good for your health. It gives you experience of pleasure and satisfaction; relief from anxiety; and a way to express self-love by spending money. Shopping is also known as a retail therapy. A therapy for one’s mind.
Likewise, it is a therapy for one’s body as well because sweating while you shop counts as exercise.

An exercise is a physical activity which triggers the body cells, helps boost the mood, and enhances the mental ability. You sweat and burn calories through exercise. According to a research article in The Daily Telegraph, one can burn off 385 calories per week while holding the shopping bags and walking during shopping.

Lisa Johannes, a dietitian, says that she likes shopping from a walking point of view. The movement of the body during shopping is good for health and fitness. She calls shopping a true tension reliever and mood booster.

It is a common saying that work hard to shop hard. Though it is true as in, shop hard to work out hard, too. There are many other benefits of shopping. It lifts up your self-worth and confidence. But shopping as an exercise substitute is surely a gift for you. Let’s discuss one by one.

Reduced Risk of heart diseases

Due to physical movement of body during shopping, women might have bargained the cardiovascular diseases with the shopping activity. Carrying shopping bags from one shop to another may exhaust you but will increase the physical activity of the body as well. The more you sweat while shopping, the more your body cells be active.

Weight Loss and calories burn

Of course after walking several hours from shop to shop, burns your calories and help you to lose weight. Both men and women if love shopping, must have been very smart and fit in their outlook because they burn extra calories during shopping. Sweating while doing shopping will definitely burn some of your extra fat.

Shopping as a Retail Therapy

Shopping acts as a therapy for most of the people. The retail therapy is the sense of happiness one experiences by spending some money on one’s self. This is one of the best health benefits of the shopping, which substitutes the exercise.

Lower stress level

Shopping enhances your social interaction which provides the sense of bonding to the next person. According to a study of American, Psychological Association (APA), the stress hormone named cortisol is less likely to release in the people who stay in best friends’ company rather than being alone. Shopping with any closed one, relative or friend acts as depression releasing activity. So, call out now your best friend for shopping and lower your stress level, making your health better.

Improved mental activity

Finding and searching for the desired products gets your mind awake properly. It enhances your mental activity to make a buying decision between all options available. Thus shopping acts as an exercise for your mind.

Mood enhancer

Feeling bored? Shopping is no doubt a best mood enhancer. It is used as a medicine for depression. If you are running out of money, the window shopping can boost up your mood. Shopping also causes the “feel good” chemical named endorphins to release in the state of pleasure.

Some of the great health benefits of Shopping are shared for you. The more you sweat during the shopping the more you make it a substitute for physical exercise. Thrilled Exercise! Exultant Shopping!


How to get started with FURUGI?

Furugi is very simple and easy to use. The whole process takes around 2 minutes:

  • Register your account at Furugi. It takes around half minute to register yourself at Furugi.
  • Click on "+Post Ad".
  • Write down the title of your Ad, description, add photos and select relevant options.
  • Once you are done, click "Publish" and your Ad is live.

As soon as your Ad goes live, you will start to receive queries about your Ad and hopefully a good sale. Monitor your stats and orders from your very own personal dashboard